Now it is required that of Turkey and region’s countries head towards a future structure, in order to uplift the Turkey-Horn of Africa relations as an ideal point within a world power schema which takes its form in a multi-dimensional way, by creating a mutual deepening not only in political and strategic basis but also in its each parameters. History offers Turkey and Region strategic opportunities for deepening interdependence.
In this regard, with the approach of laying emphasize on the strategic dimension of Turkey-Horn of Africa relations as a key point, the Turkey - Horn of Africa Strategic Dialogue Program, which will bring together the representatives of the related sectors through bilateral and multilateral activities, with a five-year schedule, will play a significant role.
he representatives of the related sectors in a comprehensive way that includes the strategic dimension of the relations, will play a significant role.

Main Theme
Turkey - ‘Horn of Africa’ Countries: Codependence and Deepening

Primary Sectors
Public Diplomacy, Education and Language
Culture and Tourism
Construction, Construction Business and Infrastructure
Health and Health Tourism
Energy, Petro-chemistry and Investments
Logistics, Transportation and Communication
Banking and Finance (Strategic Investment Fund) 
Economy and Trade
Media and Communication 
Science and Technology
Brand Cities and Environment
Defense and Space Industry

Program Partners
Turkey                 : TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies) African Institute
Horn of Africa   : HASC (Horn of Africa Studies Center)

Time Schedule
2016 - 2021 ( 5 years )

Program Performance Area
Turkey and Horn of Africa Countries [Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti]
Vision Certificate Linki
Turkey - Horn of Africa Strategic Dialog Program Istanbul Meeting

TASAM Africa Institute will fill a great gap in its field and light the way for Africa's future with its researches on social, economic, political and cultural issues. (Chairman of TASAM Süleyman ŞENSOY)