Turkey - Libya Round Table Meeting was Held

The second of Turkey Libya Roundtable Meeting series was held in Istanbul, with the main theme of "Turkish - Libyan Relations and Post-Conflict Reintegration"

The 2nd Turkey - Libya Roundtable Meeting, which was organized by RECIPA (Regional Center for Innovation in Public Administration) and TASAM (Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Research), was moderated by Dr. Ramazan Altınok with contributions of MMG (Architects and Engineers Group) in June 25, 2014.

Missions and responsibilities of local and private actors about Turkish - Libyan relations and the domestic disturbance in Libya after the transformation and integration were discussed in detailed after opening speeches by presentations of speakers who were experts and academicians.

Turkey - Libya Roundtable Meeting was participated by Ali Işıl (The President of RECIPA), Murat Alpay (The Secretary General of MMG), Mustafa al Sagezly from LPRD (Libyan Programme for Reintegration and Development), Irma Specht (The Director of “Transition International”), Prof. Alpaslan Özerdem from Coventry University, Mansur Boydaş (The Researcher in SESRIC), John Macdonald (The Operation Director of Tatwer Libya), Marcus Peffers from Advertisement Agency “M&C Saatchi”, Youssef Elrais (The President of the United Global Education), Dr. Ramazan Altınok, Ms. Al-Khatib from Istanbul Office of RECIPA, Reyyan Doğan (The Assistant Specialist of TASAM Middle East Desk), Khaled Al Mufti from Tatweer Information Technologies, Hakem Nassef from LPRD and Bob Phillips from the institution of Mott Macdonald as a speaker and a negotiator.

The 3rd Turkey - Libya Roundtable which will be published soon by rapports in three languages is foreseen in Alanya.

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