The African Institute, as a research and research unit composed of academics, researchers and strategists who are experts in Africa, is the first serious institution opened on this subject in Turkey.

The Africa Working Group, established by the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) in December 2004, started to continue its studies on Africa under the name of the African Institute as of March 01, 2006.

With the completion of the establishment of the TASAM African Institute, a serious step has been taken in the field of African studies. Our scientific activities in Africa, which has been neglected until now in our country, have had the opportunity to cooperate with people and organizations that carry out similar studies in the international arena as well as in the country, with the launch of this institute.

TASAM Africa Institute has a director, assistant director and researchers. The institute director is also the project manager. Researchers are recruited from those who have completed their doctorate, experts from those who are continuing their doctorate, and assistant experts from those who continue their graduate studies and those who have completed their undergraduate education. In addition, experts and scientists from various African countries will be included in the organization on a regional or country basis.

African Institute Vision Paper