The methodology of the Institute includes following up the developments in the continent, conducting researches and making evaluations about Turkey's bilateral, regional and multilateral relations with the countries in the continent and also to the historical, cultural, political, economic, sociologic and geopolitical aspects of the continent.


The objectives of TASAM Africa Institute include, but not limited to;

To discover, from a historical perspective, the acquisitions of Turks who existed in various parts of Africa over a thousand years including Egypt, North Africa, the grand Sahara, the Red sea and Gulf of Aden, in particular during the Ottoman era.

To support researchers interested in Africa, elevate African studies to the desired level in Turkey, and to organize conferences, seminars,

meetings and trips aiming to introduce Africa to Turkey.

To cooperate with other African Institute in Europe and north America that got ahead in African studies and with national/international institutions established by Africanists, to invite these individuals to all its activities and to participate in their activities.

To obtain the academic works of active universities and research institutions in Africa and to keep track of the documents, reports, books and periodicals published by similar institutions that have long-established, well functioning systems in Europe and north America.

To follow up the developments about Turkey's areas of interest and influence in Africa.

To analyze Africa policies of the powerful states. 

To follow up the developments in the African Union, established by participation of all 53 countries in the continent. To contribute to the development of relations between the African Union and Turkey in such a way that the interests of both sides are protected.

To conduct researches in order to add to the contributions of Turkey to the establishment of perpetual peace in Africa and to provide

necessary documents and information for those who are interested in the developments in the continent.

To contribute to the introduction of Turkish culture to Africa as well as introduction of African culture to Turkey.

To create a documentation center with its focus on Africa, keep track of periodicals to provide sources about the latest developments in the continent.

To publish commentaries that analyze the developments in Africa, reports, analyses and research works prepared by experts.

To provide support with information and/or expertise for the good of public and private sectors of our country.

The purpose of the TASAM African Institute is to offer alternatives and efficacious solutions to the decision makers, business and academic circles interested in Africa.

TASAM Africa Institute conducts academic, social and political researches and makes analyses so as to increase the efficiency of Turkey in its region.