African states export raw materials and cash crops to the developed countries while their own resources are consumed day by day. They also face another challenge; depletion of arable lands and desertification.

Although it is regarded as very far from Turkey, any problem that occurs in Africa began to have impact on us too, such as famine, civil war, immigration and unemployment. This is a natural consequence of the globalization, and it is no longer possible for Turkey not to be affected by such undesirable developments.

The absence of specialized people in political, economic, military, health, environmental and socio-cultural areas as well as the lack of projects for strategic researches and analyses have been the major reasons for Turkey's negligence of Africa and for being apathetic towards the continent.   

Beside the countries that have special interest in Africa, Turkey also needed an institution that will reach the accurate information about the continent in the shortest time, comprehend the information, make the required evaluations after right analyses, draw helpful conclusions out of these processes and make proposals.

As disorder caused by the borders drawn around mid-20th century continues in many regions of Africa, severity of conflicts with ethnic and/or religious origin increases in a number of countries. Interferences of regional political and economic integration organizations of the continent, the African Union being the most important one, and their cooperation with other international organizations are insufficient.

TASAM Africa Institute will fill a great gap in its field and light the way for Africa's future with its researches on social, economic, political and cultural issues. (Chairman of TASAM Süleyman ŞENSOY)